Troubleshooting with external storage - help needed/Almacenamiento externo

Hello, everyone.
Seeing that nobody answered in Spanish, I’ll give it a try in English.
I have just installed NextcloudPI, using a script an IT specialist posted. Otherwise it was absolutely IMPOSSIBle to make it work.
THe issue is that in the moment I try to set the nc-datadir outside the SD (which is only 16 GB), and the nc-database too, I get error messages, and everything stops working. The server, the Nextcloud instance, everything. I tries in at least 15 installations before, to change in the apache files -errors over errors… and so on, formatting the sd each time (removing Nextcloudpi cleanly is impossible for me. At least at this moment).
FInally, I found a solution. I managed to add as external storage SFTP the directory set on a hdd pluged into my raspberry pi (it’s a raspberry pi 4, 1gb Ram). It works, but the transcription rate is really slow, and I wish I could save the writing on the sd as much as possible.
Colud anyone guide/help me thorugh the process, even in the command line, step by step doing it without errors??? I am really tired of formatting the sd, adding all the other servers again and again?? Please, a good step by step tutorial, or link, or something that might make it work? Such a great program, nextcloudpi, and so many errors - please…
thanks in advance…

Después de mucho pelear, consegui instalar en una Raspberry pi 4, de 1gb ram, Nextcloud 19.00. No es nada facil, especialmente para los que no somos programadores.
Mi problema es que no puedo/no se, mejor dicho como hacer que mi estancia de nextcloud utilice el almacenamiento externo /dev/sdb1, donde esta montado en la carpeta /media/nextcloud la unidad. No hay manera de conseguirlo. Ni se, ni me queda claro como mover la carpeta /var/www/html/nextcloud u otra a la unidad usb sin morir en el intento, o sin tener que volver a instalar todo otra vez. No encuentro nada claro o de ayuda para los profanos en materia de informatica. Alguien pordía ayudarme/guiarme en este proceso?
Gracias de antemano.

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Done. Hope it’s useful. Thanks for the advice…

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Check docs
Most of them are step by step how to’s,
Start with some tips on how to ask forum questions

Be precise, include links, to references and logs, this tells us nothing. as does

Ok. Understood.
For example: I followed this instructions: (I was able to install and make it work in a first instance the Nextcloud. But, when I tried to fix the errors, following step by step the instructions of this tutorial I got the apacher server broken - famous server error…, or an error related to the occ files/comand. So it was impossible for me to solve any of the errors - as a consequence I had to format the SD and follow the link I mention in the following paragraph, with the script.
Please take into account that I am not a programmer, and all I know of linux is based on troubleshooting I came across and tried to solve with the help of interent, forums and programmers that help us, the newbies in those forums. That is why everything is so complicated for me.
As about the errors I did not save any of them - but they were wether related to the server (SERVER ERROR) or to dependencies that were unable to be installed (for example all related with php7.4* impossible to install - mcrypt impossible (for me!) to install it.
The link I used is this: ( in this page copying the wget comand it installed the NextcloudPi - which for the moment works fine. I hope it lasts, because, just as I said, I grew tired of formating the sd - ja ja!!!).
So, having said that (sorry for not being able to tell you more about the errors - but these were the ones that most impacted me!!), please, any step by step solution/guidance to be able to move the datadir and database dir to the hdd without losing the NextcloudPi and avoiding errors???
Thanks in advance!!!

P.S: I looked at the docs, but honestly they raised more questions about how to do things I never learned. This is why I’ve been asking for this sort of help… step by step.