Troubleshooting RAID1, sync failure

Hi all,

got my Nextcloud up and running on an old HDD and I’m in the process of making a more secure storage with a RAID1 composed of 2 Samsung EVO 860 SSD.
Thing is, the sync is getting aborted for an unknown reason at the moment.
Any help will be appreciated.

Nextcloud version 18.0.0
Operating system and version Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (Buster)
Apache 2.4.38
PHP version 7.3.11

Steps to replicate it:

1.Partitioning drives (type fd)
2. Using mdadm --create etc.

With cat /proc/mdstat I can see the raid progressing very slowly @60k/sec for 5-10 minutes before stopping. Afterwards, using blkid, the 2 SSD (sda and sdb) are no where to be found for a while (they do reappear after a few minutes).

dmesg repeats a lot of md: super_written get error=10

Tried running a smartctl short selftest with success on both drives but I do get an “aborted by host” every time I try to run the long self test.

The 2 SSD are linked to the RPi4 by a 2.5" drive enclosure and connected to the 2 USB3.0 ports, no external power supply (thought power could be a problem so I chose these Samsung EVO for their low power consumption).

What should be tried/checked next?

This is the Nextcloud help forum and not a general Linux support forum. Please ask aunt G. for help on this issue.

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Yeah I did try alot of googling and lack forum references. This place wasn’t most adequate but I thought I would give it a try.
Sorry for my noobiness but I did figure my issue at least :sweat_smile:
Turns out the Raspberry Pi 4 can’t power 2 SSDs even if the Samsung EVO is rated amongst the least power hungry drives. Adding external power solved the sync problem.