Trouble with m3u

Hi I upload .m3u in a folder and point to my music files using relative path (e.g …/music/music.mp3)
and in the audioplayer app when I select the playlist, it took forever to open the file and t won’t show the song (infinite waiting sign) (btw if the file have space in them how to put in the name with spaces) Thanks, (would really appreciate if the tuto video is available) lastly, it is web nextcloud (would love to have on android and ios (i mean the audio app))

Hello @New1997

  • do you see anything in your logs?
  • do the other selections work quicker?
  • can you post the whole content of the file?

thank you

Hello @Rello, thanks for replying,

  • I don’t know how to look into logs, it is a service offer on
  • Musics and playlist create by the app works, but the playlist .m3u imported doesn’t
  • the content is literally …/Favorite/Answer.mp3 (there is only one line to test the playlist)

I create a folder to host all of my music (it was called Music,I prefer to keep it simple, in which i create three extra folders : Favorite (for all my most listened to songs), All (for the rest) and Playlist (to keep all my playlists). In the app settings, I made it to scan only the Music folder to contain it only in the folder and it subs, it can scan every music files and playlist files, the playlist contains only one line for testing it is “…/Favorite/Answer.mp3” the relative path to the Favorite folder and point to the song, but when I choose the playlist in the app, it seems to be struggling. and by the way I have music file with potentially spaces and special characters (and languages like Japanese), so if you can find how to make it works, I will be very grateful

ahm - wait.
did you use 3 dots?
try with 2

funny that in my file they are only two, maybe a double typo when i rewrite here, yeah definitely two @Rello , and btw when I choose to play in loop AND random instead of playing all the song randomly then loop (like most other random and loop music players) this one seems to choose randomly after playing a song which make it play a song that it played just a couple of songs before instead of every other song first and sometimes repeat the same song twice, if you would kindly rectify it, I would really appreciate

this is correct. this is how the plugin of the playbar works. whenever it is switching to the next title, it does a random to find the next.

I just checked a sonos player. when pressing the random button there, it will one-time rearrange the playlist. and it will stay that way.

To change this would be quite deep.
The solution would be not to provide this as an on/off switch, but as a toggle. whenever it is pressed, the current playlist is mixed.

what is your expectation here?

hello @Rello, I expect that when press it rearrange the playlist once, then when arrive at the end of the playlist (last song) it rearrange the whole playlist for the repeating loop and so on (so in the loop the song is played once only unless it got added multiple time in the same playlist). Thank you for your time addressing this matter. For the main topic that we are discussing here, when you see three dots, it is actually two but the text processing shows three (I just take a look at the edits) so even with two dots the player still doesn’t play the playlist (it recognize the playlist but not its content) so please give me any updates.

issue being discussed here…

but what about the m3u issues? that it doesn’t play?

Hello ?
I still have no response for the main problem here (the app is unable to read m3u playlist)

sorry for the late reply.
I am just working on the new AP release wich is pretty deep in the background.
…splitting functionality into separately maintained add-on apps…

I will have a look at your issue and try before the next version…