Trouble setting up network drive and user folder question


Just got it running on a test bench, and I love it! Few bumps though;

  1. I cannot add it as a network drive, based off the little I’ve seen. I have not yet made it available outside of my home network, is that a problem? I did try following this official tutorial for Windows, but all I get it access denied errors. It feels slight outdated (?) as it looks like “” is no longer a path to access since web version tells me the link is around the woods of “http://<drive_path>/remote.php/webdav/”.

  2. Can I somehow setup so my users get’s a separate folder? So, if I create say user Billy, NextCloud will create a folder called Billy on root and set his root to be that folder. And if I then want to make a Shared folder from root, and let him access this, he will see it on his root. This way I can as admin in at least to me a more familiar environment see all user folder and manage them in a organised way.