Trouble restoring after disk failure

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Nextcloud version: 16.0.5
Operating system and version: nextcloudpi 1.18.0
Apache or nginx version: Apache
PHP version:

The issue you are facing: power outage killed USB drive that had /data dir. Have a backup (*.tar) on another USB. Two issues:

  1. Replacement USB drive set to be new /data dir and is mounted. However, USB drive that has backup is not auto-mounting. Still shows up under /media/USBdrive/ and also as /media/backup/ (assume second one is a sym link?).

  2. When using nc-restore it fails the free space test. 34 GB required but both backup and new disk is 2.0 TB. Maybe this is failing because the backup disk isn’t actually mounted, even though I can still see the backup file under /media/backup/?

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? (Y/N): Yes

Steps to replicate it:

  1. Can’t mount usb drive with backup file on it (mount /dev/sdb1/ or nc-automount both don’t work).
  2. ncp-restore output: free space check failed. Need 34542921 KB in /media/backup/ncp-restore.Xcvr8c

Hopefully this is just a user error but I’m currently stumped.

what is the output of lsblk -f

your drive will be automounted at /media/<label> and there will be a symlink /media/USBdrive

The output is here:

-sda1 btrfs myCloudDrive ecefb55a-8caf-47f7-a5be-4ebee0ae2e42 /media/myCloudDrive sdb -sdb1 ext4 wdelements a1c27cc3-cd9c-4294-9c69-4446e456486b
|-mmcblk0p1 vfat boot A365-6756 /boot
`-mmcblk0p2 ext4 rootfs 90a83158-560d-48ee-9de9-40c51d93c287 /

The backup drive is sdb but as you can see it has no mount point (which is why I am guessing I am getting the free space error when trying to restore).