Trouble Port Forwarding Nexcloud Using Freenas On Xfinity Router

Total noob here, wanting to be able to access my NextCloud remotely. I can’t figure out which IP to use (Do I use my home IP, the Web GUI IP, or the Nextcloud jail IP)

Also cannot figure out which ports to use…

And lastly, do not know what the web address will be to access remotely.

Can someone help? I’m using a standard Xfinity router from Comcast and you can see what my options are in the attached image.

If you could very clearly just tell me what to fill in and then where to go to access it, I would greatly appreciate it!! Screenshot_2|690x406

From outside your home network, you will need your public IP of your home internet connection. You will then access your router which will forward your connection to your Nextcloud server.

If possible, I’d use the standard ssl-port 443. In you interface, you need to enter the ip address of your Nextcloud server (should be the same as the web-gui ip in your local network).