Trouble : Lake of space, asking to re install NextCloud

I am facing a problem
Due to lack of space on my nexcloud, i see now a page to install nextcloud.

Did you manually delete files? It would happen if you removed the config file.


a friend asked me to do
sudo cat /var/www/nextcloud/config/config.php

and i see that
$CONFIG = array (
‘instanceid’ => ‘oc8xopof5kd4’,

I think that something changed my config.php without my authorisation.

and after a
df -h
I noticed that my hard disk is again full instead of i deleted manually documents from my hard disk.

I think i am ready to reinstall everything.
But i don’t know what’s happened.
I was updated.

I never touched the config.php
I didn’t know how to do that before this friend explained me.

Are you on a shared server? Does anyone else have access to it?

Did you try an update of Nextcloud or anything else while space was low?

I have a Cloud VPS with Ovh.
I am the only one admin.
After manually deleled some files to have much more space , i did an update :
apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade
and i think Nexcloud was updated.

What do you recommand me after my re installation ?
secure .htaccess
save config.php somewhere

Are you using one of the packages (that I’m sure exist somewhere) for Nextloud or did you install it via the zip file? If the latter you’d have had to use the Nextcloud updater to update.

Regular backups of config and data should be standard.

I installed Nextcloud through Yunohost solution.

Which command should i do to back up config ?

cp /path/to/config/config.php /path/to/backuplocation/
`cp -r /path/to/data /path/to/backuplocation/

Sudo or root might be required.

Thank you.

Something changed my config.php and fill up my storage in silence.
I don’t know how.
I will reinstall and secure my config.php. and will make a backup elsewhere.

About .htaccess, is there something special to do ?