Trouble connecting to local Nextcloud box through wifi with android

I cannot access my Nextcloud Box on the local network with my phone (android app or through browser). I can access on wired PC’s at nextcloud.local/ just fine. I am sure I’m connecting wirelessly to the same router but nextcloud.local/ cannot be found. I’m obviously just ignorant of some simple fact that explains why this is so. My searches have left me more confused. Can I have a hint? Thanks.

Thanks for the response. AP isolation was and is disabled. Something else is going on.

I still don’t know why nextcloud.local/ works on my wired PC’s but not my phone. However, I did find that entering the local IP address into my browser on my phone did give a message from my Nextcloud Box that stated I was entering through an untrusted domain. Using the information here I added the local IP address as a trusted domain and I am now able to use my phone (nextcloud.local/ is a trusted domain, I don’t understand why it doesn’t work on my phone the same as my wired PC’s).

I currently have a similar issue going on with my network, except mine is a bit worse. Currently I can’t connect to my server internally at all unless I make an addition to the hosts file. My guess is this is some sort of domain name resolution problem on your phone

Huh, I know nothing about the hosts file. It sounds like you’ve got a usable workaround right now? It would probably be a good idea to make your own post if you’re looking for more help (you may have already).