Trouble configuring the News app (Android)

Hi there. I am fairly new to Nextcloud and in the process of learning many things and feel I can figure most things out especially when it comes to server information. I am attempting to set up the News app on Android and in the Server Settings it asks for “Nextcloud root address”. Now, at the moment I use one of the free providers which is and I have tried different addresses but for some reason I cannot seem to input correct information as it gives me an error. I am unsure on what to do as I cannot proceed further without a correct root address in there. Does anyone know what I might be doing incorrectly? Thank you so much in advance for any assistance you can provide.

Before you can use the News app on an Android device, you have to install the Nextcloud News app on the server. Have you done this?

No, I am not familiar with that yet. Also, since I have a free account on another providers server I did not think I would need (or be able) to do that. Please forgive my ignorance.

Thats the usual problem with free accounts, that they’re very often restricting the number of apps and also other resources. I would recommend to subscribe to a paid service with more flexibility or to install and use a personal server so that you can use all required Nextcloud features :wink:

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Okay. Well thank you for your help anyways. I appreciate you!