Trouble configuring files_opds

I have trouble using OPDS plugin. I have synced some books to Library folder on Nextcloud. But everytime I check OPDS settings I see “You have 0 books on the shelf”. Rescanning does nothing. I think I am missing something crucial to get this working, but don’t know what. I do not have Calibre installed or Calibre database files, but I am under impressions that they are not needed just for simple OPDS feed. Could you offer some insight on correct configuration for the app?

I set up OPDS on my NC yesterday. It also said, “You have 0 books on the shelf”. To put a book on your shelf, you must download a book with a book reader, such as FB Reader for Android. OPDS puts each book you download onto your book shelf.

Like you, @Oskar, I was puzzled by this because I had just uploaded 982 books along with their OPF files, my entire collection that I manage with Calibre. I discovered the answer just a few minutes ago, when I looked at the OPDS settings on my NC account.