Translations for Android files client 3.6.0

Hi everybody,

I just wanted to let you know that we are closing in on the 3.6.0 release of the Android app (first releases candidate planed for next week) and if you have some time to spare we would appreciate your help in getting more translations to 100% completeion :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any help :heart:

Language which are rather close to 100%:

  • Catalan (ca)
  • Serbian (sr)
  • Hungarian (Hungary) (hu_HU)
  • Portuguese (Portugal) (pt_PT)
  • Danish (da)
  • Dutch (nl)
  • Swedish (sv)
  • Norwegian Bokmål (Norway) (nb_NO)
  • Finnish (Finland) (fi_FI)
  • Russian (ru)
  • Hebrew (he)
  • Japanese (Japan) (ja_JP)
  • Slovak (Slovakia) (sk_SK)
  • Albanian (sq)
  • Icelandic (is)
  • Chinese (Taiwan) (zh_TW)

Also pining @rakekniven - maybe a announcement to the translators on transifex could be done? :heart:

Announcement is done.

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Merci bien, Vielen Dank!


A little problem:

I finished the Esperanto translation others had begun. 100% is done. But, as there is no option in the Android client to change app language (it takes it from the system language, which is logical), one can never use this translation as there’s no Esperanto system Android version… I posted an issue here:

If it’s decided not to allow language change by the user, it would be better to delete the Esperanto language from the Transifex Android client, to avoid unnecessary work. (And keep the other Esperanto translations [desktop client, web…]: they work perfectly).

Thank you,

Hello @gpl34

there was the decision to not add a language switcher to mobile clients (Android, iOS, Windows).

Therefor we do not need the esperanto language.

On Transifex we do not have the possibility to delete a resource just for one specific language.

Solution example:
For all mobile resources for informal german language (we have two german languages) we added the same translation string to all resource strings:

“Does not require translation. For Android only the formal translation is used (de_DE).”

See if you like

The desktop client has no language switcher as well, or? How do you use esperanto for it?

By desktop, I meant the sync client: it apparently takes the language from the system one (my Linux system is set to Esperanto, eo.UTF-8).

I should have checked before continuing to translate… My bad!

Better not deleting the Android Esperanto translation: it’s very useful when translating the rest of Nextcloud as it is proposed by Transifex for similar texts…

One alternative could have been using the language chosen by the user in the web interface. But I think it’s too late now for to reconsider this decision.

Ok, so the desktop client does the same as mobile clients. It is using system settings. On desktop you can adapt them in detail, on mobile clients you only choose the language for the system.

Most users do not use choose the language explicitly. The web UI uses the language of the browser if no setting is done.

Yes, I agree. So, the user who took the time to choose another language in the web interface could expect that choice to follow on other parts of Nextcloud.

But, never mind, I do understand your point.

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Hi @rakekniven, just to give you a ping :slight_smile:
We are about to release 3.8.0RC1 of the Android client, so it’d be great to have an announcement for the translators for to maybe go over the open/missing translations, so more languages could be shipped with 100% translations by the time we release 3.8.0 (around 2 weeks from now). Thanks for your help :heart:

Announcement is done.

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at the same time - would you maybe close this thread here? it’s kinda outdated, i think :slight_smile:

Ok, next time we open another thread or @Andy ist sending me a PM :slight_smile:

@rakekniven will do :slight_smile: