Translation for new versions of programs and applications

A request to developers when they add or change descriptions in a program or application to wait for its release by 1 day. Translators must have time to translate new words. There is no point in releasing a new version with new descriptions not translated.

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Hello @Valdnet,

do you have an example regarding your posting?

Summary from my POV:

For major releases of NC there are alphas, betas, rcs … so there is enough time to translate stuff. Even so there is no date for “string freeze”

For apps I only know the Android app team caring about complete translations before releasing apps. They do announcements on Transifex asking the volunteers to complete translations.

Hello @rakekniven

One example: Calendar.

Yes. I know that and thank you for that.

@jospoortvliet Could you talk about that issue at the Conference? Would be great to have common release process.