Transferring Primary Storage from main server storage to S3?

Greetings and apologies if there is already a guide or answered question regarding this but I haven’t found anything clear that didn’t appear to be about a fresh install.

I have been using the same installation of nextcloud for about 7 years and have decided to switch my primary storage to object storage. I have the storage all setup, including the keys, however I don’t want to connect it as an expansion. I want to offload all of my storage to it. I had seen I need to modify the config.php file? I’m really wanting to avoid breaking my nextcloud installation as I use it and many of the applications you can install with it, including the calendar, etc. And I really don’t want to disable anything or have to do a fresh install.

Could I have some advisement on how to do this or links to a guide etc from anyone with knowledge or experience here? Thanks in advance. And again, to be clear, this is NOT a fresh install and I do not want to reinstall nextcloud to make the switch if that means messing up my apps on it.