Transfering data between nextcloud servers

Hi community,

at a customer’s site, I have an old nextcloud installation within a VM, running version 13.
Since, I do not want to get through all the update steps to the most recent version, I thought about setting up a new nextcloud-VM and transferring the data directory’s contents.
Now the following questions have arisen:

  • If I don’t do a database migration (the installation is pretty much default with only 3 user accounts) is an rsync sufficient to transfer the data directory ?
  • If I do an rysnc with the -t option to preserve time stamps will the nextcloud clients recognize the files on the new server, or will a complete sync take place ?


Perhaps the best way is if the three users use an Nextcloud client (e.g. Windows) to sync the data from the old server to client and then to the new server. If this not works with the old nextcloud you can perhaps access the old nextcloud with WebDAV protocol.