Transfer user rights of Folder / File / Shares

Hey fellow Nextclouders,

Just wondering how I/we can sole this riddle:

As a user I have folder with files which I shared with different internal and external users. I am the ‘owner’ of this folder. So I will see the full history of shares and who I shared it with.
However I want to transfer this ‘ownership’ to another registered or external user. What I like to see in practice is that the new owner will can have and see the same things I did. In other words, the shares can be administrated by this new user.

In short: When I share something with others, they see my icon as the ‘share owner’ in their file listing and am looking for how I can transfer this folder to someone else and make this user the new owner of this file.

Or perhaps there is a workaround to this. Hope you can assist or have any brilliant ideas to solve this :slight_smile: Thanks!