Transfer Self-Hosted Nextcloud to Provider-Hosted NextCloud

Hello everyone.

I am looking at the possibility of migrating NextCloud content hosted on my own VPS to a new NextCloud provided by a network provider for reasons of cost effectiveness and affordability.

Since the new NextCloud service is out of the box, I don’t anticipate having a service backend available for me to handle command line operations. So I would like to know if there is currently any way to migrate my data, configuration, and plugin installations from the old NextCloud instance to the new NextCloud instance without going through the command line?

Any information would be helpful, thank you.

There is the new backup app:

It’s quite new and I don’t know the limitations.

Thanks for your information. But it seems like only for NC23, which still not enter the stable channel yet.

Seems like I need to wait for this app available.

Set up a new Nextcloud and follow the link :wink:

Sometimes it is not possible to install all Nextcloud apps. Peerhaps also with NC23 you must ask your new nextcloud provider for the app. Alternative you can ask your provider for migration. Maybe it is possible that you send them data and database and they

There is also the official backup and restore procedure:

The howto above just migrates the data. Not the database. If you reindex everything, the sync clients will resync everything.