Transfer Large Files from SNAP to IOCAGE

Hello - I have been struggling over the full week trying to migrate data (300GB) from my SNAP Nextcloud server to my new TrueNAS jail Nextcloud. Tried all kind of ways and googled everywhere but did not seem to work. Would be great to get some thoughts:

  1. I tried Nextcloud.export from SNAP and move files to new server and use scan, it doesn’t work… I assume I need to manually move all the files under the account and also install php to run the scan?
  2. I tried using cadavet or curl or wput… none of them can help me to send large set of files recursively
  3. I tried setting Federation Sharing or to mount External Storage, but there is no way I can see the “ssl root certificate” button anywhere in the setting… how can I add certificate in this case?
    Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks