Transfer content to new cloud installation by using the same (old) storage System

At home I’m currently running Nextcloud 22.2.3 on an Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS and I need to migrate to a new hardware. / is located on a local SSD and /home is on external HDs which are connected via USB3 and are configured as a RAID5 MD device with a capacaty of 20 TB.

On the new system I’ve recently installed Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS and there was an option to select Nextcloud for installation during the Ubuntu Server installation process. I used this option and Nextcloud 24.0.6 is up and running but I currently dont know anything about the configuration of the new system.

At the old system the Nextcloud data directory is on /home/data. I intend to reconnect the storage to the new system and to mount it at /home so all the Nextcloud files will be available again at /home/data on the new system. But what is the best way to tell the new Nextcloud installation to use and show these files?

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With this you have installed Nextcloud Snap. Do you also use Nextcloud Snap on the old system? If not maybe you can better use the old installation guide.

Please read first backup and restore.

Note also that the Nextcloud versions must be identical.
Sometimes it is better to create new users and copy only the data back in the new Nextcloud.

But first decide for or against Nextcloud snap.

I think I will create new users and copy only the data back into the new Nextcloud. On the old system I did not use the Snap I made a manual installation with Apache and mysql.

Is there any disadvantage of using the snap version? Can it be worth to make a manual installation again?