Training for Kenyan NGO


I am currently working with a Kenyan NGO and I was succesful in convincing them to switch from dropbox/gdrive etc. to storage share by Hetzner, which is a cloud storage service based on Nextcloud.

We already created user accounts, assigned them to groups etc. but almost nobody seems to use the server. I think because they run into minor issues (e.g. battery usage or push notifications that confuse them and keep on coming back (e.g. on sync errors) and they get frustrated and deinstall the app to go back to using the services they already know.

So what I am looking for is a training for all staff members that briefly explains the advantages of this nextcloud/Hetzner solution over the “free” services before explaining how to properly setup , maintain and use clients on any device (windows, Android, MacOS for phones and laptops/desktops). Ideally with lots of practical exercises.

I know that there are tutorials and videos and please share links to the best ones that you found, but there are different types of learners and some staff members might prefer in person training.

Are their any institutions that are offering courses or individualised training sessions?