Tracks not showing in map

Hi everyone, making my first foray into NextCloud and playing around with Maps. I managed to get my photos showing, but now I am stuck with my tracks. After running

sudo -u http php /usr/share/webapps/nextcloud/occ maps:scan-tracks

the tracks show in the left hand menu, but when I select one I only end up with a spinning wheel. Is there anything else, beside the occ command wich needs to be done? It’s been like this for more than 4 days with no visible progress.
The tracks came out of Samsung Health, in case that matters.


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same issue here (circling itself into oblivion…) instead of showing anything - whereas the same tracks are displayed without issue by gpxpod.

also, as i literally do have hundreds of gpx-tracks, it would be nice to be able to choose which directories are scanned and which ignored (when i want to look at the running i did last week in Germany it seems kind of unnecessary to scan/load all 150 tracks from four hiking-guides for Spain…)

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Same here as well. I don’t see anything useful in the logs. My browser JavaScript console does show errors related to tracksController.js, but I don’t understand them. I noticed there are a bunch of open GPX bugs: Issues · nextcloud/maps · GitHub