Tracking my cat with traccar - phonetrack- ncp?

Hi there,

I want to track my cat, since he got lost for almost a week lately. I have ordered a Teltonika TMT250 (personal) tracker, that works with GPS and GPRS.

As far as I understood it, I need a sim card provider and some server where the tracking history will be stored, plus some way to visualize the data. Traccar claims to work well with Teltonika ánd should be possibly included in PhoneTrack, which can be added in Nextcloud.

Now I am wondering if / how I could install a Traccar server on the RPi4 I am using? It would be great to have everything included and not require some extra hardware / virtual server etc. Could I use a docker image on the RPi, along NextCloudPi that I already have? If so, how should I install this? :stuck_out_tongue:


From the looks of it, yes, I don’t see why not.

Thanx. I can’t find however how I should install a docker container inside nextcloud(pi), any tips how I could do that?