Touch: setting times of '...sync.lock': operation not permitted

I’m trying to run Nextcloud on my Raspberry Pi 4 using the official Docker image, which is Nexcloud, currently.

I am able to pull the image using the command “docker pull nextcloud”, and have verified that the image appears in the list of docker images from “docker image ls”

But when I attempt to actually start a container from the image, I get an error saying “touch: setting times of ‘/var/www/html/nextcloud-init-sync.lock’: Operation not permitted”

I get this same error message regardless of whether I try the nextcloud:latest or nextcloud:apache images(the nextcloud:none image is a previous version that has been partially deleted improperly, I think).

I don’t have a very thorough understanding of Docker, but the nextcloud image’s Github readme says that /var/www/html is an “unnamed Docker volume” used for data storage.

Do I need to give myself write permissions for this Docker volume, so I can touch it? How would I even set permissions for stuff inside a Docker volume?