TOTP ios App Issues

I just enabled TOTP and now i cant log into my account via ios app, it’s working via web. Any help?

Hi @AndyXheli,

This issue on Github is a little bit short and doesn’t describe much, but it sounds related:

It seems the IOS app doesn’t fully support TOTP right now. If I understand this correctly you can workaround this problem with an App password, which you can set in your profile settings.

Hi, it’s also not working with an App-Password. I tried different IOs Devices (10.2.1 and 10.3).
Tried different order too - App-Password in the first place - same Error: “Request failed: unauthorized (401)”.
User without TOTP is no Problem.
Best regards

same problem here, would be nice if the developers would intigrate it into the next version of the ios app