TOTP for the desktop client?

Good morning… I’m currently using the two factor system with google authenticator and it works fine. The only problem I got is that I can’t connect with the desktop client. If I enter my password I get a reject asking for it again.

Any way to fix that?

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There is an option to generate “application passwords” in the web GUI in the security tab. Choose a name and click “create new app password”. You will see a auto generated password. Use this, it will not ask for two factor for this password. Remember that you need to save it somewhere if you want to use it later, once you hide it in the GUI, you can’t display it again

Best practice is to generate one for each app, or device you want to connect. Doing that, you can easily revoke access in case of theft of a device without changing your login password.


hello how can i use Google Authenticator for nextcloud.thank you


Open a new topic if you need help :slight_smile: