TOTP + android app

After a few months away from Nextcloud, I did a fresh install (self hosting) of NC18 beta + the android client 3.9.2 on an Andtoid 10 phone.

I have 2 issues:

  1. The Android app keeps asking me the server parameters when I launch it

  2. Once the app starts I end up on the interface of the web client, not the app. I don’t have access to the app functionalities like the photo sync, the contacts backup, etc. So , where is the app??

Thanks for your help.


It is important to mention that I am using TOTP for authentication if I disable the app I fall back to the normal Android app

For those who might face the same situation:

  • Install TOTP on server side and enable it
  • Create a new app password
  • On the Android app, choose “Alternative login with app token”