Total Noob - macOS 10.12.6 Docker App


I’m new to NextCloud and used the Docker App and Kitematic to install NextCloud on my iMac 27" 2015 macOS 10.12.6.

In in the Admin section in NextCloud under “Security & setup warnings” I see the following warning: “You are accessing this site via HTTP. We strongly suggest you configure your server to require using HTTPS instead as described in our security tips. Please double check the installation guides, and check for any errors or warnings in the log.”

I checked the guides but I’m unsure how to do what is recommended.

Would it be possible for someone to direct me to a step by step guide that can help me secure NextCloud and enable me to securely access it from the internet.

I am a total noob but am very willing to learn, any help or suggestions is truly appreciated.

Thank you very much!