Total Instance Quotas?

Is there a way to specify a “total quota” for an entire instance?

What I’m thinking is that if I have multiple Nextcloud instances on the same disk, I’d like a way to split the disk fairly.

Basically, we have our own instance at our small business and a neighbouring business has thought “ooh, that’s a good idea” and, as we’ve already got our own instance running, it’d make sense to share the server to amortise the costs of running it.

But I’d like to specify a “total quota” on both instances so that we can ensure, for example, a proper “50 / 50” or “60 / 40” split of the disk space between them. That sort of thing. So that no-one can go hog wild and steal all the disk from the other.

I mean, I guess that the usual disk quota utilities could be used - but would Nextcloud be aware of its disk quota to report it correctly? I wouldn’t want Nextcloud to just “hit the brickwall”, but for it to just know that it’s operating at a specific fraction of the available disk space.

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Had you found anything about this?

No, afraid not, bloo.

No-one responded here, as you can see. And then we went down a different route - separate disks - to solve our immediate problem.

But it would still make sense to have such a feature on Nextcloud - because, though in our case, it was just two instances, what if there was a need for a dozen instances on a server or something - too many for “separate disks” to be appropriate? Or just simply, even with a single instance, a need to keep it locked to a specific quota of the disk.

But, from the lack of response, I presume it just remains a “missing feature” at the moment.

You could create multiple filesystems on that disk for the separate Nextcloud instances, so each instance has their own filesystem for their data. In that way you prevent one instance from filling up the entire disk.

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zfs has quotas that can be set on a directory. So does xfs i think. But ext4 lacks that unless you run each instance as a separate user or group. In that can you can use quotas on ext4 as well.

Other solutions is to partition a large drive with lvm and use several small partitions.

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