TOS link on signup page in app is broken

The Terms of Service link in the iOS app on the signup page:

is broken:

Just installed the app the other day.

I assume that the Terms of Service app has been installed on the Nextcloud server, because usually there isn’t any need to confirm this.

Due to the fact that you try to use a service of the hosting provider “cloudamo” (?!) you should get in touch with the support of that provider and asked them to fix the problem.


I just thought I would provide a perspective as a clueless user who installs the app for the first time, having very little idea what it does. I understand (better now) what the app is for and how it does it and I plan to set up my own personal cloud service. But as a developer, I know how difficult it is to enter the first time user’s mind to anticipate how they will experience the software, so I thought I would share my experience…

I heard about nextcloud a couple days ago. I installed the app from the app store and ran it for the first time today to learn about the app. I started with only the vague understanding that nextcloud was like Dropbox.

I learned after being presented with the initial login screen and creating this post that you can create your own cloud server (so cool!). The options at the first screen are either to login or “signup with provider” (and in small text: “Host your own server”, which I didn’t at first notice). All I knew at that point was, I hadn’t created an account, so I didn’t have a login. Thus, I tapped the button below it to create an account.

The cycling images above the login options don’t explain essentially what nextcloud is, so a reasonable (albeit admittedly hasty) assumption of a noob without an understanding of what’s going on, absent of any splash screen explaining what nextcloud essentially is, would be that “signup with provider” may reasonably be interpreted as those ubiquitous “login with FB, github, etc…” features. They may also not know that the resulting screen is a provider they must select, as one is there by default as opposed to a select list and the option to change providers is in small text. If what they are expecting is akin to “login with facebook”, they’re not thinking about scrolling down - just get past the account creation phase so they can explore the app.

Granted, had I read about nextcloud before installing the app or had the awareness to overcome the type of ubiquitous “login with…” assumption that people tend to do on autopilot, I would have understood what the options really were and what was going on, but I think it’s reasonable that a user completely unfamiliar with the app may install it and want to explore it to see what it does and I’m just pointing out that something in the cycling images that explains what’s going on might be useful to noobs. Also, a provider select list without a default may force a new user to be like “hey, wait, this isn’t just a dropbox service”. And then they might associate a broken TOS link as attributable to someone other than the app developer.

Anyway, this is a very very minor anecdote, probably not applicable to most users. I just thought I would share my experience and observations.

That all being said, I am now really excited about using this app to set up my own cloud!