Toolbar adjustment possible?

I’m not very happy how the Icons in the toolbar are integrated.
I don’t like them horizontally, I don’t like the flipping on-mouse-over.

Is it possible to move this as a collapsible sidebar to the left in any way (e.g. System-Settings) ?

I would love to have it that way:


There’s an app that does this that you might be interested in:

If you have the development resources, you could also always make your own app to make it custom to your needs.

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Ok, thanks.
I’ve installed it, but seems not to work.
In Settings I have a new Section “Custom Menu” and it’s activated, but I don’t see an Menu at all.
I’ve found STRG+o should be used to toggle the menu, but on my Browser (Brave), this opens the “File Save” Dialog.

I’d also found this bugs in the dev-console: