Too hard to obtain older client releases

Just getting back to NC - and it’s not a good experience!
First my initial sync is just stalling and effectively useless - probably this bug:

Maybe a solution is to go to an older version of the client app., but this is hard (impossible?) to do from the main nextcloud site, that only wants to push the latest 3.4.2.

Here you are…

Thanks - I mean I can find it eventually with google etc, although this is again another mini-annoyance on top of all the others. But surely much better to have this in the Nextcloud website - esp. considering all the problems with 3.4.x?

right! And it would be nice if you’d show a bit more of self-committment to your own problems… especially if they are such small ones. I bet it’s faster and thus easier to do a search than opening a new thread… :wink:

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Schönen Dank

As Nextcloud client 3.4.x is broken for a lot of users (bulk upload) I thought having a straightforward way to get hold of known good client SW would be a benefit for users.

I was making a suggestion on how Nextcloud could be improved, which I assume is the point of the forums in in the long term.

The forums are primarily there for users to share experiences and help each other. As for feature requests or bug reports, it’s better to post them on GitHub.

I understand, but if it a website feature (like this is) then I don’t think that Github would be the right place.

Maybe you’re right, or maybe not… :wink:

But i guess what you really want to say is that Nextcloud should warn you in big red letters not to use the latest versions, because they have alpha status at best, and that they should offer 3.4.x as the latest stable version instead. Well If my guess is right, I can’t say that I completely disagree :wink:

However, I must also say that I didn’t expirience any of these issues myself. But I use the client only on Linux systems and do not use the VirtualDrive feature.

My problem was with the 3.4.2 and the macOS client (but similar things have happened with the Windows client in the past).

I understand that the devs cannot test everything, so I think that the approach LibreOffice has - where latest release and latest mature release are easily accessible to the user would be a good approach.

NB I want Nextcloud to be successful , ergo such “user” suggestions - from a non-expert professional.

Your suggestion, @snownc, is certainly well-intentioned, but things are often a bit more complicated than they superficially appear.

To avoid unnecessary confusion, in general I believe that only the officially supported versions should be offered on the download page of a product. IMHO this is well solved for the Nextcloud server, where the last three officially supported major versions are declared as such and accordingly available for download (NC Server releases).

With the client it is different: The development is based on the latest release, older versions are no longer maintained and probably not tested against new server versions.

For example, the current sync issue I think it is not a pure client problem, but a combination of server/client software: at least client V3.3.6 on servers >=21 seems to work, newer client versions been affected by serious sync problems. On the other hand, I myself have successfully tested Windows client versions 3.3.6, 3.4.1 and 3.4.2 (my current setup) against server version 21 without facing any sync inconsistencies (related issue on GitHub)…

I think such type of issues can be addressed better with improved communication rather than with easier access to the various installation packages. My two cents.