To add an admin type that can create groups and group admins but cannot see all the sys admin configuration of nextcloud?

Note: I have tested the circles app for the following and it is not quite what is needed.


Is it possible to have an admin type that can manage all users but will not have access to the other admin configuration screens. Maybe this admin is called “User Admin”, where they can create users, create groups, assign group admins to groups. In large organisations that have multiple departments there is a lead and then a tech lead so the current user admin setup might limit NC in this case.

I have a situation where I have a systems admin overseeing the configuration screens and a non technical person managing users. Trying to remove the risk of the non techie user admin from changing any settings accidentally.

Ideally Nextcloud would have,

  • Admin (like the current admin role)

  • User Admin (new role with same permissions as group admin except with create groups and group admins added)

  • Group Admin (same as the current group admin)

I believe this would be a great feature as it is a common enough use case for the deployments we have, I’m sure other may have it also.

How can a request a feature addition? If it cannot be included in core is there any apps that have extended the admin permissions / types?

Appreciate any feedback on how to lodge a feature request.