Tips for installing server for 50+ users

couldn’t find info for what’s the smartest way to install NC that will serve many users, i would like to keep NC itself as a small virtualserver (fast to backup full VM image) and all user file data will be on different physical NFS server which then will have a file-level backup.

Is that the “right way” to do it ? , are there better solutions than having NFS mount ? S3 ?

Should be fine. Just make sure to allocate sufficient resources. Don’t forget to clear any warnings in the settings and scan your instance with and

for me to complicate. because you may run into inconsistencies when you snapshot your database and do a file system backup of the nfs server.

put it on the disc attached to your server? a good old block device.

are you planing to run it on aws? or homebrewn s3?

if you use s3 as primary storage you’ll save some costs (on aws or wasabi or …) because s3 storage is cheaper than ebs volumes. but you run into other problems. some apps don’t work. file level restore is at least tricky.

want to test all of this before:

runs best on ubuntu. ec2, digital ocean, scaleway, hetzner, vmware. just to name some. and you can test s3 as primary storage. or s3 as backup storage.

This is also an alternative:


  1. RAM like 8 GB
  2. CPU, 4 cores minimum
  3. Run everything on the same server (easiest)
  4. Or, run storage seperatly, FreeNAS is a good option.

The rest taken care if by the scripts.

I have my own 42U rackspace in datacenter. Plan is to run all on my own servers, so NFS/S3 will be served from server running with

I also have spare 24 * 2.5" disk rack unit which i can physical wired to server running virtualservers, but it will need expensive disks to buy.

I allready have NFS server with terabytes of space which i was planning to use to NC user files.

This is just for start, if i get paying customers i can upgrade systems later, but for start just wan’t that everything would be easily scalably in future if i will get customers…

oh, and im running my own VM’s with

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Nice specs! :slight_smile: