TimeZone missing in Contact Birthdays Calendar

If i use a Backend like Z-Push to sync the Calendars from NextCloud to a Mobil Phone, Z-Push tries to find the correct TimeZone for a Event. In Case of the Birthday Calendar it fails, since there is no TimeZone Info for the Events. If i look at Database Level, i see, that there is column for TimeZone. Is it possible to specify the default TimeZone for a Calendar via NextCloud GUI? Does it have any effect, if i manually add that Info via Database? What for Format is awaited for the TimeZone Info?

BTW: Sometimes i get such a Timezone “W. Europe Standard Time”. In this case Z-Push cant interpret the Timezone correctly, since it awaits “W Europe Standard Time” (without the “.” after “W”). I don’t know if this is a small Bug in NextCloud or Z-Push, but it should get fixed somewhere.


I think this is a bug in Z-Push. The birthday events are all-day, so they have no timezone, because all-day in Australia is still the same all-day as in Germany.

No, I just checked the CalDAV standard and it says that the timezone property should be defined on all calendars.
As you noted, the calendar does not. I created an issue for that: https://github.com/nextcloud/calendar/issues/223

please use olson timezones like America/New_York and Europe/Paris

That’s definitely not created by Nextcloud. That was either Z-Push or another sync client.

Thx for the issue in Github. Meanwhile i have set

UPDATE oc_calendars SET timezone = ‘Europe/Berlin’ WHERE id = 1;

for every calendar. Im in contact with Z-Push Developers to…

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