Timetable and substitution app with elements of the calendar extension for Nextcloud

The idea of a timetable and substitution plan extension for Nextcloud came to me after an exercise loop in the database lessons at the vocational college, in which we were supposed to deepen the basics using a timetable as an example.

I thought about how the existing ER model for the timetable would have to be extended so that a substitution timetable could be realised with it.

I thought about whether elements from the Nextcloud navigation sidebar would be useful.

Nextcloud would have the potential in my eyes.A timetable and substitution plan could be the decisive point for Nextcloud in schools, so that Nextcloud is represented more in educational institutions.
Unfortunately, I lack so much expertise in this area that it would take a very long time for this app to become available.

It’s been touched on in this thread before in 2019