Timeout from Android App when in WLAN

Hi Community,

first, i apologize for my bad english…
I got a Nextcloud server on a Debian (Raspbian) Raspberry Pi3B and i have troubles with connecting my phone to the server when i am in my WLAN… When i typed my DDNS adress in, the app says that a secure connection could be estabilshed, but when i type in my login details and click on the connect button, the app says after some time that the server was not responding fast enough. But this only happens in my wlan and the app; i have no troubles connecting with mobile data and/or the web frontend.
BTW i said that clients can only connect via https, not http. Can you help me please? I am not an expert with servers either, but i can use Linux xD

sincerely Max :slight_smile:

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Hello, I have similar issues here:

  • When on Wifi, the app asks for the password again and again and auth fails with “unknown error”.
  • When I alter the password, the error is shown correctly as invalid credentials
  • When I switch to LTE, everything works as expected
  • When I switch back to WliFi, everything seems fine for now

My problem is, that i have a tablet here without 3G :frowning:

Anny help woould be appreciated, thanks,


Hello, i have solved my problem; it was my second router in Switch-mode wich made the troubles. I guess it did not support something…

@ironiemix do you have any additional routers in your network where the server is connected to? and did you add the local ip (192.168.xxx.xxx) of the server to trusted domains? (a static local ip would greatly help)


I have the same problem.
Android app won’t connect and said “timeout”

Any solution?