Timeline/activty tab empty on deck with NC 19.0.5 on shared deck


I am using deck with other users and LDAP on a nextcloud instance,
that is a shared Deck space from a local added user, that works however
If I change some assignment parameters, it won’t show that in the activity tab, it’s just empty.
Is there a way to debug this?

NC is yet 18.0.9, will be updated in the weekend, OS is ubuntu 20.04 Deck is 1.2.2

If I klick on the activity tab, the loading of it is immediately stopped.

On my other nextcloud instance with deck too, the activity tab takes a moment to retrieve the data, then displays it. It worked across all versions.

So how do I see what is deck querying here?

Hi I updated the NC Instance and found out that the account who is sharing the deck is having the timeline, is it possible that the accounts who can see and edit the deck to see the timeline too?