Time Logging with phonetrack

I have set up Phonetrack (Nextcloud and Androidapp) and everything is working fine.

What I would like / need is the ability to see how long I was in one place.

I’m out in the field a lot with customers, and would like to be able to see from when to when I was on site.

hope I have this possibility until now just not found. :slight_smile:

anyone an idea / tip how I can implement this?


well at least you can check show time on points-button to get a timecode to every saved point.

yes, but the time shown seems to be when i moved away from there.
is also only half the rent if I do not have to wait before randomly at an intersection or something :slight_smile:

As an example:
Was at the customer, had to go back to the office, and back to the customer again:
1 - location customer
2 - location customer (other parking lot) so 1. and 2. visit
3 - intersection at which I had to wait.

3: 10:01
1: 10:18 - situation taken up - to the office something fetched approx. 15. minutes at the customer been
2: 11:23 finished at the customer - back to the office

in the case OK - customer gets 1h 15min charged, all good, but, I have here no time when I was back at the customer after the office, because I did not have to wait at the 2nd approach to the intersection.

it would be nice, and i know this from other e.g. fleet tracking solutions, that you have 2 time stamps at one point, so, the first time at the point, and the last time at the point. :wink:

€dit error in screenshots :wink:

Has been a while a looked into it, but you can have it set to log by a time interval or on movement. Sounds like you want to have it logging every minute or so to meet your case.

I have tried to play with times and distance, but somehow either nothing logs or everything logs as one big log.

Perhaps @eneiluj can assist?

Hi @draddy ,

this seems like there is a “data sience” resolve necessary.
All data you need is there.

There are a lot of variables like I need to know how long I was in “One Place” How do you define One Place. From the data point of view there are only points with distances.
These points do have accurrancy so you have to keep in mind you have two points at different locations but you actually did not move.
You cannot leave one point you can leave a certain area.
You can disable enable the log job to get another point which could be interpreted as “the leaving point”.
Never the less I would recommend you log a lot of more points (every second minimum distance 10 meters do not disable GPS) and in most cases you will have enuegh points to extract the information you need.
Unless you did not disable tracking there should be at least one point before entering the office.
There is a feature request (there are lots of feature reqeusts and a few bugs too) to manually take a “special point” like a tourist attraction but this is not implemented yet. Probably if it gets implemented this can be the “entering and leaving point timestamp” but you have to do that manually.

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hi @florom

thanks for the answer.

in the android app I have now set 10m minimum distance and 30 sec minimum time (had here originally the energy saving profile)

The tracking manually turn off or disable I do not want :wink:

the thing with the points is so far clear to me and aware. what would probably help me a lot, would be if I could set a temporary marker on a range.
so for example: a pin on the house of the customer with a radius of xx meters for a certain time and then get an output of when this area was entered the first time and the last time was left.


Hi @draddy ,

Probably that can be done with geofencing:
Each customer ist an geofence area you get a notification when you enter and leave.
The Email Timestamp can be your desired timestamp.

I would set Minium Distance 10 Meter; Every Second recording, GPS Always on.
Yes, this uses Battery but the accurency is worth it.
And I would recommend using a Phone only for this purpose. I use this setting to.


Or Device proximity where you have one Session where you (manually) set your customers locations again notification timestamp would be the entering and leaving one.

Somehow you have to let the device know where the customer areas are.
You cannot walk by a customer and this is interpreted as a customer.
It could be just another waypoint on the way to whereever.

ok, but geofence I would have to do BEFORE the approach, right?

This is not really practical for me :wink:

as said, it would be good if I could just quickly mark an area, and a tooltip or something spits me out - you drove in then and then the first time, and then and then the last time out - in addition with filter function I could then narrow it down to a day and is good.

but I’ll see how I get along with the additional data, since I should now get more records (by switching in the android app).


Hi @draddy ,

Probably you can change the point of view.
Instead of tracking in and out of a customer area you track in and out of an office area.
This area should be known in advance.
Everything inside the office area is office and outside of this has to be customer area.
So you get a notification when driving to and staying with customer is in progress.
Getting the real time with customer should be easier too.

that is probably true as far as it goes,

only i can only charge the time at the customer, not the driving time. besides, it doesn’t help me if i’m at customer A from 10-12, at customer B from 12:30 to 15 and then drive to customer C :wink:

but as I said, by the change in the Android app I now have more points, ie I can now approach the time :slight_smile:

the whole thing is also intended more as a “backup”, for evil customers who then come “what? 2h?! you were maximum 30 minutes here” :smiley:

thx first @florom :wink:

Hi @draddy ,

did you find a solution for your use case?