TIFF File Viewer

Is it possible to view TIFF Files?
I don’t mean the preview (maybe too) but at first i would like to open the TIFF file and not download it.

i have it enabled … putted into the config.php … is this correct?
the config.sample.php i did not change - is this correct?

i restarted the apache.

I don’T see a preview of the file … do i have to change something else?
And if i click on the tiff, i can download it no direct view on the web is there an other seetting for this

Ah perfect … it works, i had an error in the config.php (a . insted of a ,)

got nowhere an error :open_mouth: but now both works preview and open the tif file :smiley:

Thanks :smiley:

and what did you enable? i would like to achieve the same but i don’t have any starting point to solve it…

I know this is old but I would love to have this preview as well, can you please tell me what you did to fix this?

Many Thanks

They likely added tiff to the preview options in the config.php. Cheers!

i don’t have preview option on config.php, does anyone here have an example of config.php that contains that among the other parameters?

I don’t have a preview option in the config.php file either