Thunderbird Lightning not syncing anymore after update from NC 11.0.3. to 12.0.0

Hey Forum,

when I was using Nextcloud 11.0.3. running php 5.x and mysql… (on a pi 1, of course) with a let’s encrypt ssl-certificate i had no problems to access any of my calendars from thunderbird.
then I recently ungraded to NC 12.0.0 (on a pi 3) and am running php 7.0.19, mysql 10.1.23 with a new let’s encrypted ssl-certificate (aiming, of course, to the same URL) and until then I can’t establish any working connection from thunderbird to any of my calendars.

I still can access them via outlook and the loveable outlook-caldav addon as well as via android -app ICal-Import/Export Pro 3.1
BTW: I’m running Thunderbird (52.2.1) (32bit) on a Windows 7 SP1 (64) Pro-machine. With no problems so far.

hints, suggestions anyone?

Hi, it’s a bug of nextcloud
fix available here

or wait for 12.0.1

I had this bug on one of serveral workstations only, don’t know why only at this one.
I installed this fix manually and everythings works fine again

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i mean NC 12.0.1. is announced to be released on like tmrw. but I guess my wifey would kill me (or even worse :wink: ) if she would find out about the sync-problem beforehand … so better safe than sorry. I installed the fix and it works!!! yaaaaaay!

after days on the net there was a solution. so, next time i’m gonna ask here first ^^

btw: i of course ha heard about sync-problems with NC12.0.0 but I didn’t think they would go down to TB and effect me. phew

thanks to everyone involved :hugging: