Throttling when logging in. Nextcloud 14.01

After upgrading from NC 13 to NC 14.

I experience throttling when logging in via a browser. After entering my login credentials, it just sits there and does nothing for like 10 seconds. I do have bruteforce app installed and my local network is whitelisted. The oc_bruteforce_attempts table has 0 records. This didn’t happen in NC 13. I’m considering disabling the brute force app altogether as I find this so annoying. Note, after the first page appears, NC is snappy and responsive. This throttling only happens on login.

Update. I disabled the brute force app and now login is virtually instantaneous. I believe this confirms an issue with brute force app and NC 14. I’m curious if others are having this issue.

I face the throttling issue for login with CalDav apps from smartphone. If some false logins before (by chance, because of pwd changes), it throttles.
I need a reset of throttling, because an app has a timeout, that is lower than throttling.
Bad solution, not automated reset after correct logging in, no status flag in admin console to reset.