Thoughts on workflows

I don’t know if this is the right place for this, but it seemed more appropriate than opening issues in Github right away. In my opinion automated workflows could be a really big thing for Nextcloud and would only need a few more checks and operations. Ultimately I wish for a workflow manager that allows users to create their own complex workflows.

Necessary checks:

  • Folder: Only apply operation in a certain folder. (I know, there’s a workaround with tags.)
  • User: Apply operation for certain user(s) only. This would allow non-admin users to create their own workflows by locking this check.

Additional operations:

  • Remove tag: One could establish complex workflows by combining modules that check for a certain tag, execute their operation and delete/replace the tag.

If every workflow module (I’m thinking of something like: moving files/folders, image operations,…) provides the tag replacement you should be able to create a complex workflow by connecting them via tags.

Nice to have:

  • Executing workflows when moving files (e.g. moving a file into a specified folder to start the workflow) or manuel workflow execution.

I read a few lines of the workflow engine code and think this shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish, but I might be totally wrong. It would be nice to know where this part of Nextcloud is heading as there is a lot of room for improvements, I think.

EDIT: Giving it some more thoughts I think, it won’t just work with multiple tags for different stages of the workflow. That would require the engine to trigger on more events than just file uploads (in this case tag changes).

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@nickvergessen maybe?

I suspect that the best way for you to get some feedback is to open issues in the Files Access Control App repository.

You could try to detail all the missing functionalities.

Consider also that the release of Nextcloud 13 is really near, that could explain why @nickvergessen is not answering…
The other main authors of the app are @MorrisJobke and @LukasReschke, all of them really busy right now!

Well the “workaround” is actually the real solution. This is caused by the fact that currently only admins can create the workflow rules. They can not know which folder you have or not.

Personal rules for automated tagging and others are also on the wishlist, but there is no planned date for an update on this at the moment. This is mostly due to me working on the Talk/Spreed/Video calls app for 13.

Actually it was due to vacation, which I didnt have all year and just had all at once. :wink:

I saw that you came back full of energy and ideas:
:slight_smile: :

I am eager to try Nextcloud13, thank you and the other developers!

I am fine with this solution now. It just wasn’t clear to me at the beginning, that this does exactly what I wanted.

As for the rest of my thoughts, I just wanted to get them out (and hoped that something was already on the horizon :wink:). I’ll just implement my use case with some scripts outside of Nextcloud.

Thank you for your work and time. :slight_smile: