Thoughts on a Nextcloud Assistant?

With Snips being acquired by Sonos, there’s room for a new player to come in. I’ve been thinking about this and it seems other people have been previously. Here’s a blog post by Joop Beris about the very same thing

In the end of that post Joop suggests Mycroft.AI could get in on the action and develop a Nextcloud assistant. It’d make sense as the assistant could run locally and access all your private data without any privacy issues since it’s locally hosted. I find myself using my google home to take voice notes when falling asleep and while they’re not of upmost secrecy, I’d prefer if they lived in my home and not on google’s servers.


Hey @ChildishGiant, thanks for linking to that article. I’m the one who wrote it and I still like the idea of having a Nextcloud assistant. But you should see the comment made by @jospoortvliet on that post:

Apparently there’s been talk but seeing how Mycroft.AI requires a server based component that can’t be installed with one click, it currently doesn’t suit Nextcloud very well. Perhaps in future, though. Because I can still dream. :wink:


Wow, this Snips story shows you not to rely on any “cloud” service in a really really hard way. Selfhosting is like self reliance, not something that can be taken away that easily. Hope we can get a replacement for all the “cloud” assistants recording all and everything they can get out there.

Hi. I have been looking at Mycroft and I understand the server component can optionally be installed locally so zero cloud requirement.

From what I understand the default voice runs locally and optional alternative voices can also be installed locally.

I’m quite interested in possibilities of Nextcloud and Mycorft since the cross over in features ( Lists, calendars and even the Chat feature) would be really interesting.