[This is a Reported Bug] Access to documentation revoked?

the three links to the admin manual/user manual/developer manual found on this page:

are not accessible any more. Is this intentional?

I get access forbidden for the admin manual,
i get file not found for the other two.

I was using these pages/documentation yesterday without issue.

Yes, this is true there must be a problem with https://docs.nextcloud.com

Same issue: No access to latest nextcloud server manuals

Yeah, it seems to only be for the more recent versions as well. I can access the docs on v18 for example


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Reported. Probably offline by mistake since the 25 documentation is being added.


Since it is the weekend, looking like there won’t be a fix today according to the dev chat. See Owl’s link to 18 if you need access to the basic documentation now. @ninjajellybean


successfully tested minutes ago.

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