This has probably been asked hundreds of times, but is there a procedure to enable https?

I am new to NC. I have the product installed in OS-Leap 15 using port 80 with Apache. However, I am having trouble converting server to https; I can get the certificates, the issue is with Apache configuration. Is there a concise guide on how to convert a plain http to a secure https/ssl NC installation?
Thank you
Tas P.

At step 9

Thank you Nemskiller; it appears a little more straight-forward.

Now, if I may, let me ask you about the official home appliance for NextCloud. I downloaded that and tried to install it, but honestly, it does not appear like an appliance. After about the 30th question in the script, I just shut down the VM. I may go back to it, but not sure if there is a benefit. Should i stick with OSS which I am familiar with, or go the appliance way on Ubuntu?
Thanks in advance for my questions.

you may try this on a fresh installed ubuntu.

btw: certbot asks you if you want to redirect all traffic to https. so it will do all the apache config stuff for you. did you use certbot?

This seems to be for nginx webserver. Although I would highly recommend it tbh. To add SSL to nginx and other security features.