This account is not currently available (NextcloudPi)

The other day we had a power outage at my house. My nextcloud went down. Minutes later it was back up, and I went to turn my pi back on today. I entered my username (ncp) and the password I changed it to. Then it loads the logo. Normal. It then said that OC was out of date. I wanted to upgrade it after. But here was the issue - I was greeted with an error message telling me that the scp account wasn’t available. Can someone help me out? I really don’t want to start over, because then I’d risk losing my files.

If that’s not possible, is there a way I can take out the microsd and find my files in a folder somewhere?

Someone? …

Yes if you have Linux machine (can use Live CD too), you should find your files in the Nextcloud data folder /var/www/nextcloud/data. Unless you used nc-datadir to move them elsewhere.

After a power out, depending filesystem used (ext4 or btrfs?), use fsck or btrfs-scheck to check and repair the filesystem.

Run ncp-report and share output via pastebin or similar, could be useful to assist further.