Third Party Backups

We currently use this script:

But I plan to migrate it to borg.

This is part of

I’m not sure I understand why you posted this script?

As I said, I rent a hosted nextcloud with lots of user accounts. I have no way to backup this nextcloud, because there is only web and webdav interface. How does your script help me?

Ah sorry, my bad, I replyed by email, didn’t re-read all the conversation.

No this doesn’t help you.

Hi, you offer managed nextcloud, but do you have a web page or some info and pricing on it? is our fresh shop.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate :slight_smile:


Hello, I was searching for such information but can’t find any tutorial.

Is there any easy way to sync my data into a remote location please (if I understood well, rsync could be a solution but I’ve never done it before) ?
Could you explain it step-by-step considering I am beginner ?
Thank you very much.