There is a blank page after login

I just installed the nextcloud and registered my admin id.
However when I try to go to my cloud, it is just a white blank page after the login

sudo mysql -u () -p ()
works, and after
show table;
also works fine.

Im on Ubuntu 18.04.
server version: 10.1.44-MariaDB-0ubuntu0.18.04.1 Ubuntu 18.04

Start Website in Firefox/Chrome Network-Mode (F12).
Post urls and errors.

Thanks!.. It was f12 everyone posting

when I login, i get

I think there is no site connected at all
the error messages aren’t anywhere…its literly a white page

Do you know why the page suddenly disappears after loging in…?

Ok. Press F12 and then start the website and logon. At the bottom of the browser you see the HTTP-Requests. Is there something with ist not “200” like “404”, “403”, …?

F12 in the browser and then “network tab”.

its kind of like this…

uh sorry diddnt see the network part:(

i didn’t know there was this much errors…

its apache by the way

Have you deactivated Javascript in your browser?

phpmyadmin says that my id doesn’t doesn’t have authority on nextcloud file
can this be the reason…?

Are all rights correct for the apache2-user (www-data:www-data)?