Theming settings inconsistency


I’ve migrated bare metal installation to docker instances. All went well except for the theme.

I migrated the installation doing the docker initial setup against the mysql DB I imported just before. The users where correctly found by the new installation.
Then I synced the data directory for each user.

I found then that all was ok but the theme. I tried to copy the app_xxxx/css/theming and app_xxxx/theming/images from the old installation into the new one, but with no success.

Now it’s even worse, I cannot upload a new background image or logo. It seems some DB entries do not match the app_xxxx directory.

Does someone know what to do to completely revert to the default theming ?

Best regards

I also found I’m not able to change my profile picture. I can select the file, I can crop it if needed, but then the upload never ends.

The profile picture is now fixed. I found a workaround for theming using a global theme, but I’m not a CSS expert so the result is not as good as with theming.