Theming nextcloud

Hi everyone,

I am working on a theme for nextcloud, so I have a doubt, it is possible override /settings/templates/personal.php page from my custom theme ? something like:

this -> : server/themes/myTheming/settings/templates/personal.php

will override this -> : server/settings/templates/personal.php.

I really appreciate your help.


Exactly, just copy the existing file into your custom theme, and make any tweaks you want to make. Watch out for permissions and ownership when copying over files or creating new files.

Hi @linucksrox thank for your answer , I tried that in that way but not lucky.

I just copy the file - > server/themes/myTheming/settings/templates/settings.development.notice.php

into my themes/customTheme/settings/templates/settings.development.notice.php

but nothing happens, Am I doing something wrong ?

I am using nextcloud

You also need to enable your custom theme in config.php. That makes it possible to revert back to the default theme easily, or have different themes you might want to change between.