Theming admin setting - save issue

When i change something in theming it only works for logos

If i change the site name or slogan & url, it shows save but after changing the page or refresh it is back to default settings and changes are gone

Debian 8, php7, apache2.4

Thx in advance

Keep an eye on the issue (#401) on GitHub.

By the way, I found that the latest version from the master Git branch fixes the issue afaik.

Which files must be changed in NC10 that this issue will be fixed & the system saves changes ?

i get too much errors in NC 10 to get it fixed - i have also tried files from github - let’s wait for an NC 10 RC or similar :wink:

I have installed now current 9.x release but at Theming settings in admin the site name does not changes - there is Nextcloud, does not matter what i put inside at “Name”

How can this be changed?

Current running -> 9.0.53 (stable) - new install & new database some minutes ago
Everything other changes in Theming tool

It’s probably best to stick with the github-issue

they even require more information to reproduce this error.

With an own theme. :wink:

Thx but i don’t need this small changes are enough for me

That also must work with default theme, here is a bug that everything change but only not the site name, if this is no bug the setting makes no sense

I had something similar in NC10

I hope somebody can help or where to find this head info in which file

Theming on the Admin page changes the Entity, not the Name or the Title. This is a feature, not a bug.